A leader who can
get to
the heart of things

I want to be in service to you and to our rural area.


Edie is a fifth generation Minnesotan. More than a decade ago, she came back to Minnesota, where her heart has always been. She’s been building and improving West Central Minnesota ever since. 

Edie has a business background and is a lifelong artist and writer. With strong ethics and values, she is committed to bridging differences and finding solutions. None of us is one thing: red or blue, rural or urban, conservative or progressive. We need a State Representative that knows the people of West Central Minnesota are more complex than the tired political labels. 

It’s time to reimagine how we live in our state, and how we engage with each other. Let’s create a future of possibilities with Edie Barrett as our next House Representative for District 12A! 

Listening with Care

Leading with Heart

Parents and teachers alike have been telling us they need more resources to support students. 

Rural districts deserve their fair share. Edie’s working for fully funded schools. 

Rising costs and a shortage of supplies are out of control and are driving our budgets to the breaking point. 

We received no meaningful tax cuts this session. Edie supports responsible tax cuts and creative solutions to stock our shelves and curb rising costs. 

We need high quality healthcare right where we live. It is too hard to afford the care we have, and then be expected to drive a long way to get it. 

Edie is a champion for affordable healthcare that’s there when we need it. She’ll fight to get us more services.